Bottega Fiorentina offers specific guarantees of quality of products and services and has a tradition of the highest level of Craftsmanship and Quality. We ensure that each product is manufactured in Italy and is entirely manufactured as Tailoring or Artisan with absolute attention to workmanship and is defect free (see the creation of a product).Those who are already customers, appreciate the quality of our products which are currently available in the most prestigious stores in major European cities and the rest of the world.

Bottega Fiorentina guarantees high quality materials that are naturally wear-resistant. Every piece is chosen with love and experience of true craftsmanship. Each piece is created from the skills of our masters; their art of creating has been handed down for centuries.

The accessories are tested one by one before being packaged ensuring there are no manufacturing defects. Just as the products of Bottega Fiorentina are exclusive and of high quality, the packages also meet the highest quality standards and are prepared with the utmost care and attention.

Bottega Fiorentina, before shipping the goods, performs a second check on every single product by putting a coupon verification.
Bottega Fiorentina will still be able to provide any details of guarantee associated with purchases and can offer comprehensive information on the service, product, features, operation and maintenance, materials used, size, and packaging.
You can write to info@bottegafiorentina.it or call us at 055 295 411.

Repairs are absolutely free as part of the guarantee provided by Bottega Fiorentina and will be evaluated case by case.
Bottega Fiorentina reserves the right to repair or replace the damaged piece with no charge to the customer or possibly with another similar and of equal value. If the product is to be repaired out of warranty, you will be sent an email with an estimate of time and cost. Returns for repairs under warranty and out of warranty are sent at the customer's expense.
The damage caused by misuse, mishandling, or loss is excluded from the warranty.