Bottega Fiorentina has been serving its clients with quality business since 1986.

Our showroom of exquisite leather goods is situated in a beautiful 16th century building in the heart of Florence’s historical center near the splendid Piazza S. Croce.

All items sold by BOTTEGA FIORENTINA are carefully handmade by our artisans, and the quality is guaranteed by the Lucchi family. They are distinguished for their high standards and excellence and have provided satisfactory services to their clients in Florence and around the world.

The 300 square meter shop offers a wide range of items created with selected leather including: women and men’s clothing, bags, belts, and leather accessories with tassels, suede, nubuck etc.

We also provide customized and tailored clothing on request with specific measurements, sizes, colors, and materials. This service enables our clients a wider range of choices by modifying the clothing to their preferences, yet keeping the same beauty and style.

Thanks to our new website our clients can now order directly from the comfort of their homes. The online shop caters to the needs of the client and keeps them informed of special occasions, offers, and promotions. This makes the online shopping experience at BOTTEGA FIORENTINA convenient and comfortable for both those in Florence and those outside of Italy.

We assure that the quality of products, services, and guarantees are the same when you shop with us online, as they would be in our Florence store. The delivery time ranges from 1 to 10 days.

For information regarding products and services, you can contact our shop directly via telephone or email.

Brief History of our leather factory - A.R.Florence

A. R.Florence looks toward the future backed by typical Florentine artisan inheritance.

Founded in 1961, the company garnered its expertise and artistic skills from the first generation. At the beginning of the century, the grandparents of the actual owners had a workshop on the banks of the Arno River. Throughout the years, we have created thousands of models by interpreting and adapting the changing styles. One particular characteristic of the A.R. Florence production is the diversification which resulted in an enviable variety of articles being produced. Today these include over 30 types of cases for cigarettes and glasses, as well as, more than 100 different models of wallets for men and women. The company’s core product are change-purses that, together with cosmetics bags, offer some 200 different items. Recently, A.R. Florence has started producing a wide range of very elegant and reasonably priced leather handbags.

All the products are created with leather tanned in Italy, primarily from the area around Santa Croce, the traditional center of the Florentine leatherwork. The leather used is primarily calf and sheepskin, but we also use ostrich and lizard leather. We have been highly commended for many years for our specialty in producing the articles we offer in a wide variety of colors. We make multicolor leather articles which are very popular on the international market. Other factors in the company’s success are its flexible production and prompt customer service.

We produce our own brands as well as customized products for our clients. We are also flexible to adapt our own products, work on exclusives, and develop sample collections to offer great customer satisfaction.

A.R. Florence is attentive not only to the production quality but also to the distribution of our line. In fact, in 1986 it opened its own 300 square meter outlet in the historical center of Florence where the company’s products are also tested before they are offered to buyers.