Personalize corporate gifts with the logo of your company!

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Bottega Fiorentina Customer Service
borgo dei greci 5/r
50122 Florence, Italy
Tel: +39 055 295411

Quantity discounts
Generally we offer a discount for quantity. Since our products are individually handcrafted, many factors can effect the price of the items such as customization, color, model, type of leather, and delivery times/methods.
Ask us for a free quote.

Logo, Punch/Stamp
To make the punch/stamp with your logo, we need a design with specific measurements. The logo can be emailed to us with digital image format JPG, EPS, or in any text in text format.
The cost of the punch/stamp will be around 100-120euros, and the cost of printing is 1.00 euro per piece.

Other Services
Besides your logo, we can also customize the item with the name or initials. We can also offer special packaging or a giftcard of your choice

Availability and time of delivery
The time of delivery will depend on the type of item you order, the quantity, and type of customization. However, it is usually within 2-4 weeks.
Our products are individually handmade by artisans, so our main focus is quality over large quantities.

Policy Samples
If you order a large quantity, we may consider sending samples of either materials or colors.
We cannot send free samples of finished goods especially if they have your logo or are personalized. If the product is sent as a sample, our normal production will resume once the order is made. To buy a sample, you can order it directly on the site or call us.
We can create photo images/photo mock ups of your logo in order to give you an idea of how the final product will look like.
We can also send a sample of the initials.

The order must be confirmed, and then it will be necessary to pay a deposit according to the type of customization. Generally 50% is to be paid on confirmation of the order, and the rest before shipment.
We accept all major credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. We cannot accept other forms of payment.
The following information is required for a quote:
* What item/ type of item are you interested in?
* What is the quantity/ number/ amount of the item you need?
* What kind of customization would you like?
* What other services do you require? (e.g., gift card, shipping to various addresses)
* What is your required delivery time?
If you send us an email, it would be helpful if you attach a file of your logo to enable us to better understand your needs.
For a prompt, precise response and a detailed quote, please send an email to